Wooden Letters: 5 Tips on Using Them As Decoration

Out of the various ornaments and decorations that you can grace your home with, wooden letters – be they letters carved individually from pieces of wood or wooden blocks with letters pained on them – bring a simple yet elegant look to rooms they’re placed in. But how do you display them properly?

Wooden letters tend to be most suited to bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. If you choose letters to go in your home’s hallways then opt for ones that carry a message of greeting, such as “Welcome” or something generally pleasant such as “Home”. You could even try to conceal a message with the letters between the rooms, with different words appearing in each room, but contributing to one message, such as “Welcome home love”.

Of course there’s no point in going for just any set of wooden letters. The colour of them is very important. If you have a busy colour scheme in the room you plan to place them in, then you need to decide whether your letters will be equally as busy. An equally intricately decorated set of letters will look less out of place in a busy scheme than neutrally coloured ones.

There are styles of type-face (font) that are more suited to certain decoration schemes than others. Very “Roman-esque” lettering would be suited to a room that is drawing on classic and traditional style schemes. More cursive style letters would fit in with a scheme that is more homely and nostalgically decorated – so a cottage look.

One of the most popular places to put wooden letters, shelves are good, but you need to think carefully about how you plan to put the letters there. Letters that need to be fixed to a surface, like a wall or the back of a shelving unit, should obviously be properly fixed to a surface even though they’ll be resting on a shelf. So put them at the back of the shelf. As to blocks, they look fine in front of items on shelves, just be careful when you take things down from the shelf they’re on.

In some ways, an ideal place to keep wooden letters, and in other ways not. If the fireplace underneath the mantelpiece is in use, then you risk damaging the letters as the heat from any fires (or gas fires) could warp the letters or lead to them splitting. So, if your fireplace is not in use for actual fires, then go and put some letters on there.